Your business is performing well – sales are increasing, staff numbers are increasing and profits are increasing ……. Happy Days? For a majority of SME’s this is not the case – because this increase in business activity has added enormously to the number of hours senior management are spending working in the business.

Overwhelmed with work and constantly adding to the never ending and never complete to-do- list – this situation can become intolerable – but more importantly – it is absolutely unnecessary- and a classic symptom of a company that is running very well but not managed very well.

But ‘our business is different’ I hear you say? Yes it very well may be – but achieving effective efficient and profitable growth in your business is no different to any business or industry – as it all starts with your MIND SET.

Changing your mind set and deciding that you want to be best in class and the best that you can be as a company and a management team is the starting point.

Saying what you think – ALL OF THE TIME and DOING WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO ALL OF THE TIME are the 2 key pillars for best in class management teams and they ensure that things in your company are done WHEN THEY NEED TO BE DONE – not ‘WHEN I AM READY’!

This together with a PLAN OF ACTION is the hallmark of a successful and well managed business.

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